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R+D Marine manufactures and develops flexible shaft couplings for marine use, which are both easy to fit and competitively priced.

R & D Marine was started in 1973 after several years of development work, to manufacture a flexible shaft coupling suitable for marine use, which was both easy to fit and competitively priced. The company was started in a single garage moving to two garages after one year and then to its current location in 1976. Over the years, the factory has been completely rebuilt and now has 8000 square feet of modern factory space with all manufacturing being carried out on CNC machines.

It was only a short while after production started, a customer suggested that if the company produced couplings it should also manufacture a range of compatible anti-vibration mountings and similarly another customer suggested damper drive plates. Hence by 1976 the basis of the product range had been established and since then it has grown to the comprehensive range we have today of couplings, mountings, damper drive plates and half couplings for engines from 5 H.P. to 800 H.P.

It has always been considered essential that all products should be easy to use, be fail safe and most of all be readily available at the right price. As a manufacturing company we pride ourselves in that we can supply or assemble from stock most products to cover urgent breakdowns. Due to the service provided, the suitability of the products and recommendation of our customers it has been possible to develop the world wide distribution network which we have today.